SUP Yoga & PaddleFIT

You have seen it on TV, heard friends talk about it, learned of the amazing results gained through it... but you still haven't tried it?
Yes we are talking about Yoga on a stand-up paddle board , and its not only the hottest workout craze hitting the Hamptons but an efficient, innovative way of bringing fitness to a new level. Put your worries and reservations aside. Our trainers here at Weekend Warrior tours take the time to train our clients in a manner which is pleasurable and we produce results.
Vinyasa yoga on a paddle board combines strength and stability , while also enhancing your balance and flexibility.

Class will begin with a warm-up paddle through protected estuarial waters. . Participants then anchor their boards in a calm harbor and flow through a series of traditional vinyasa poses under the guidance and instruction of our qualified trainers.
All levels welcome, no experience necessary. Call ahead to reserve your spot in class.

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