Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

supgroupCome try the newest paddle craze! Work on your balance, technique, and strength while exploring the beautiful east end water ways! We provide equipment and guides to make it easy for you to get right on the water! Book a lesson or tour today!


supStand Up Paddling, or SUP is proving to be the next craze in the ever evolving world of water sport. First, in the 1980's canoeing gained much popularity. In the 1990's, Canoers became Kayakers. Now, in the early twenty-first century, SUP is the newest and most exciting self-powered sport to hit the oceans, bays. estuaries and waterways.


Don't be misled thinking that SUP is exclusively designed for surfers, pro-athletes and movie stars photographed in People Magazine. Unlike surfing, SUP is extremely user friendly, particularly when the paddler chooses to ride on lakes and rivers. At Weekend Warrior Tours & Outfitters we've paddled with everyone from 3 year-olds hitching rides on the front of the board with their moms, to inexperienced teenagers, to even adventurous grandparents. SUP is for virtually anyone who enjoys being in the water and exercising in a tranquil atmosphere.


So what's the draw? Well, aside from standup paddling being fun, easy and enjoyable, the sport offers a unique low-impact core workout with less potential for injury than other sports. SUP is an efficient calorie burner when done vigorously, but rarely causes injuries such as sprains, shin-splints, and there have certainly been no cases of road rash. In a nutshell, SUP can be either a great cardio workout or a fun social outing with friends or family members.


Is it hard to balance? No. A fundamental benefit to SUP is the fact that it is easy to learn. Unlike surfing or skiing, after just one lesson to learn basic technique, safety and water etiquette, you'll feel like a pro and be ready to go out on your own.


The sport is attracting people from all walks of life and ages. We've taken out families looking for a new way to spend time together, fishermen wanting to get a better angle for spotting Spripe bass, tri-athletes looking for yet another avenue to cross-train, and your average outdoor enthusiast who is simply looking to enjoy the serenity of the water while listening to the birds and watching the morning fog rise off of the still water. SUP is truly for anyone with a passion for the outdoors or for the athlete looking for another avenue to burn calories.


We have been the East Ends Leader in SUP. Our Instructors and Guides have perfected the craft of teaching paddling skills because we have been doing it longer than any one on the east end.


From the PRIVATE LESSON to the GROUP TOUR/CLINIC, we have you covered.

suprentalStand-Up Paddleboards Rentals - Laird Hamilton boards available. The Best! We have a full assortment of SUP board sizes to fit you and your paddling groups ability levels. PLease ask for any advice on sizing.


Half Day - $60 (4 hrs)
Full Day - $90 (8hrs) Same day
Weekend Special - $185 Friday afternoon to Sunday Evening


Paddles and Life vests are included in all rentals. Please aslo inquire about our group clinics and private lessons from our experienced staff of teaching professionals.